Looking for Ceilingservices?

Xun Jie Engineering will be able to supply, install and repair various kind of ceiling. Our professional handymen will be able to do false ceiling, ceiling light & fan install and ceiling renovation. All our services will be providing at affordable price range with satisfaction.

False Ceiling Installation

Whether you need false ceiling installation for large industrial unit, normal office unit or your house, Xun Jie Engineering will be providing the best offer to you.

Most people believe that false ceilings only serve aesthetic purposes as a design element. However, false ceilings do serve practical purposes as well such as hiding ducting and reducing the volume of a room. It can hide unsightly structural elements such as beams. Also, it can provide insulation from heat from the sun and accommodates lighting systems to provide hidden lighting.

Suspended Ceiling Installation

A suspended ceiling (or drop ceiling) is a familiar ceiling style found in many homes but they can be installed in any room. Drop ceilings that done by Xun Jie Engineering is fashionable, as elements can transform a room and amplify your design style.

The clutter of ducts, plumbing, wiring, TV and networking cables, and other mechanical systems can be easily hidden by a suspended ceiling, yet remain accessible for repairs. Suspended ceilings in a home theater solve the problem of where to nest multiple cables and power cords.

General Ceiling Services

Need handyman services to fix your ceiling problem? Or installing something on your ceiling? Xun Jie Engineering provides one stop solution for all general ceiling services.

Budget is low for your project? Not enough time to hire a professional team for your ceiling? Call us now! Tell us the problems that you are facing and Xun Jie Engineering is willing to handle your problems. Choose the best partner for your issues to save time and money.

Xun Jie Engineering is your most trustworthy partner.