Mechanical Ventilation Systems

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Xun Jie Engineering provides integrated mechanical and electrical engineering services as specialist sub-contractor, including the design, supply and installation of air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation (“ACMV”) systems.

What is Mechanical Ventilation?

Mechanical ventilation is any method of using a power-driven fan to move air in a desired direction. These types of systems are commonly installed in bathrooms, on or near the ceilings, to remove moist air when showering or bathing. Mechanical ventilation systems are also installed above stovetops to remove water vapor, cooking smells and to exhaust the by-products of combustion for gas stoves. They are also installed in attics to increase the amount of air exchange with the outside, reducing moisture buildup and mitigating the chances of mold.

Mechanical Ventilation Systems Installation

Mechanical ventilation systems are used in bathrooms, kitchens and sometimes attics to push unwanted air to the exterior of a home. These systems are relatively new to home construction and have their advantages and disadvantages. The modern airtight home requires some fresh air exchanges to keep the living environment healthy for the occupants.

The best of Xun Jie Engineering SERVICES

Xun Jie Aircon Engineering Pte Ltd has the capacity, the skills and the experience to supply and install commercial air conditioning and mechanical HVAC services. Our projects consist of varying scales and levels of engineering complexities – carried out effectively, efficiently and competitively.

Our project experience ranges from small refits to the complete air-conditioning and mechanical HVAC services fit-out for high-rise apartments, office buildings and institutional facilities. Our long standing association with the mechanical services HVAC industry, over many years we have built strong relationships with leading HVAC units suppliers allowing us access to quality units and premium equipment. This is why we have become one of the most reliable HVAC contractors in the Melbourne area and why we have so many successful contracts.

In particular we have developed in-house skills and expertise in effectively creating customised commercial HVAC engineering solutions for unique, complicated or heritage installations, such as the “hidden” air conditioning system for the refurbished Parliament House on Spring Street.

Xun Jie Engineering is everything you need to create a comfortable environment!